Django and the MathTran website – AJAX and templates Saturday, Feb 2 2008 


In my previous post I spoke about ReST. It’s not able to do what I want, which is a nuisance. But most of the post of about coding forms such as that on the MathTran home page using Django templates. In the course of the post I come to the conclusion that providing such forms is a matter just for the template, and has nothing much to do with the view! Finally, I make some remarks about AJAX, which is used (along with some rather improper dynamic HTML) in the present implementation.



Django and the MathTran website – ReST Saturday, Jan 26 2008 

This weekend I’m doing some work on the MathTran website. The main goal is to move it to Django, and to clean up and improve the content while I’m at it. I’m not much of a web-wizard. I know about HTML and JavaScript of course, and to get dynamic baseline alignment of bitmap mathematics I even did a bit of Ajax programming. But I’ve not developed on a website that has a database backend yet, although that is one of my ambitions for the MathTran site.