Kaveh Bazargan took office as President of TUG in May 2015. I was shocked to read the Board’s announcement, on 13 October, that they had suspended him from office. This, if not reversed, would lead to his removal. It’s not been reversed.

The Board removed him because they decided that he was not working in the best interests of TUG. Kaveh Bazargan was elected 307 to 110 in the first contested election since 2005, and the acting President is now Kaveh’s opponent Jim Hefferon.

I’ve written a letter about this to TUGBoat, the journal of the TeX Users Group. It will appear in the next issue. You can read it now here (PDF).

I ask that comments be posted either to comp.text.tex, or to the TUG members mailing list (TUG members only, can be reached via the TUG members area).