… but will they be happy together?

Microsoft loves Yahoo, but will they be happy together? To find out visit the LoveGraph page for this match.

LoveGraph uses a special algorithm to generate data about the potential of the match, which it then graphs. Do pay particular attention to the “Spheres of Interest Overlap” chart.

LoveGraph uses charts and graphs generated by Google Charts.

Some comparisons

Here are some more serious comments on Google and Microsoft, based on looking at a couple of web pages.

Google sell advertising on its search pages. It also sell advertising on other people’s pages. For example, the LoveGraph page mentioned above contains advertisements from Google. Both Google and the owners of LoveGraph get revenue if these advertisements are followed.

I’ve taken a brief usability look at the Microsoft home page. The graphic design is very impressive. At the top right there is a search gadget. Under the search box is a black down triangle next to the words ‘All Microsoft sites’. Do not press this triangle.

Oh, you did press it. You found that it ‘lifts up’ the menu, quite slowly. I timed it as 7 seconds. I don’t see the point of it, and it’s prominently on the home page. If you have lifted it up, do drop it down (another 7 seconds). Now press the ‘All Products’ link.

This brings up a screen-full of product images. Click on one of them, and then press the browser’s back button. And it does take you back, but to the Microsoft home page, not to the ‘All Products’ images you were previously at.

It is possible that Microsoft taking over Yahoo! will result in Yahoo being more of a rival to Google. But is also seems that the opposite is also quite possible.